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Space Dog

Way to go Mr. Microphone
She us all what you don't know
Centuries secret societies
He's our commander still
Space dog

So sure we were on something
Your feet are finally on the ground he said
So sure we were on something
Your feet are just on the ground girl

Rain and snow, our engines have
Been receiving your
Eager call
There's Colonel Dirtyfishydishcloth
He'll distract her good
Don't worry so

And to the one you thought was on your side
She can't understand
She truly believes the lie
Lemon Pie, he's coming through
Our commander still
Space dog
Lines secure
Space dog

Deck the halls
I'm young again, I'm you again
Racing turtles, the grapefruit is winning
Seems I keep getting the story twisted
So where's Neil when you need him
Deck the halls
It's you again, it's you again
Somewhere someone must know the ending
Is she still pissing in the river now
Heard she'd gone moved into a trailer park

So sure those girls
Now are in the Navy
Those bombs our friends
Can't even hurt you now
And hold those tears
Cause they're still on your side
Don't hear the dogs barking
Don't say you know
We've gone Andromeda
Stood with those girls before
The hair in pairs
It just got nasty
And now those girls are gone

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