Assassins Musical Soundtrack Lyrics
Music: Stephen Sondheim, Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
Book: John Weidman
Premiere: Tuesday, December 18, 1990

Assassins (August 13, 1991)
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Assassins (2004 Broadway Revival Cast) (August 3, 2004)
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Everybody's Got the Right - Greg Germann
The Ballad of Booth - Patrick Cassidy
How I Saved Roosevelt - Joe Franz
Gun Song / Ballad of Czolgosz - Patrick Cassidy
Unworthy of Your Love - Greg Germann
The Ballad of Guiteau - Patrick Cassidy
Another National Anthem - Victor Garber
November 22, 1963 - Jason Alexander
Final Sequence: You Can Close the New York Stock Exchange/Everybody's Got The Right - Victor Garber

Everybody's Got the Right
The Ballad of Booth
Ladies and Gentlemen, A Toast!
How I Saved Roosevelt
What Does a Man Do...?
Gun Song
The Ballad of Czolgosz
Unworthy of Your Love
I Am a Terrifying and Imposing Figure...!
The Ballad of Guiteau
Have It Your Way
Another National Anthem
Take a Look Lee
Something Just Broke
Everybody's Got the Right
Assassins Musical Soundtrack Lyrics


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