Hayley Westenra Lyrics

My Heart Belongs To You

Through the window of my soul
All the secrets that I hold
Will be yours to share for
Always, always

Like a whisper in the wind
The gentle breeze touches my skin
And I know you're with me
Always, always

I can feel it in the air
The fire that we share
Can only come from deep within
It's the light that burns so bright
It guides you through the night
And leads you to me
So find your way back and

Hold me, touch me
Let the love come rushing through me
I'm yours with every breath I take
Forever and ever
Hold on to love
Cast it down
That's what we're made of
Never let go for my heart's sake
'Cause my heart belongs to you

I lie awake to hear you breathe
Only you can feel the need
That builds and burns so deep
Inside me, inside me

As the moon lights up the sky
There's a thousand reasons why
My heart will only beat for you

You're the reason that I live
So now all I've got to give
I give it to you
Just don't fight the feeling


(Don't give up but just give in
Or we'll always be here waiting for you)

Waiting for you
Love will see us through


My heart belongs to you
My heart belongs to you
My heart belongs to you
Only you

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