Monica Anghel, Marcel Pavel---The voi iubi mereu (Tell Me Why)
Music: Ionel Tudor
Lyrics: Mirela Fugaru

We are behaving like two strangers in the gloomy night
We have lost so many feelings in this endless fight
If you want to go away
Now I must obey, but
For my part
You'll remain
Always in my heart

Refrain 1 :
Tell me why
We have to say good-bye ?
Was our love only a foolish lie?
Tell me why
Your eyes are cold and dry?
No more tears, no more fears
Nothing more to share together

Refrain 2:
Tell me why
We have to say good-bye ?
Why we broke our wings in flight?
Tell my why
Couldn't we just try
To forgive and believe
We can reach the sky?

Refrain 1 ĘC the same


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